Re: My test hetero lr job has stopped 28 percent, but no erros appeared.

David Bauer

Your job is stalled on the FateFlow server in the intersection stage.  For this stage it is critical that your id fields in the data on each federate are logically correct, but it looks like you are using an ootb example.  Did you modify the model?  Can you check the job logs on the FateFlow server side?  Specifically the debug logs for the intersection stage, and the fateflow_*.log at the top level of the log directory. 


On Fri, Mar 18, 2022, 11:57 PM BearDream <laxzhang@...> wrote:

The lr job is canceled, but the statistic job also is. The log is below.

This is cluster job log.

This is host job log.

No any errors...

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