FATE & KubeFATE v1.8.0 released! Huge performance improvements, security enhancements, updated algorithms, optimized scheduling and testing frameworks, better high availability support and MORE!



We are super excited to announce the new major release of FATE and KubeFATE - v1.8.0. After months of hard work, we have added numerous new features and improvements in this release, including performance improvements in many commonly-used components, added some most wanted features in a number of algorithms, further enhancement to the deployment and operation scenarios using KubeFATE and more. It is time to upgrade your FATE to the latest version!

Release Pages:
FATE 1.8.0: https://github.com/FederatedAI/FATE/releases/tag/v1.8.0
FATE-Flow 1.8.0: https://github.com/FederatedAI/FATE-Flow/releases/tag/v1.8.0
KubeFATE 1.8.0: https://github.com/FederatedAI/KubeFATE/releases/tag/v1.8.0

Major Features and Improvements in FATE v1.8.0


  • Add non-coordinated-version Hetero Linear Regression, based on integrated Hetero GLM framework, with mixed protocol of HE and SPDZ
  • Homo LR support one-vs-rest
  • Add SecureBoost-MO algorithm to speed up multi-class classification of Hetero & Homo SecureBoost, 1.5x-5x faster
  • Optimize Hetero SecureBoost Predict Transmission Data Size,reduce 75% bandwidth consumption if tree's max depth is small
  • Speed up DH Intersection implementation, 30%+ faster
  • Optimized Quantile Binning gk-summary structure & split point query,20%+ faster, less memory cost
  • Support weighted training in non-coordinated Hetero Logistic Regression & Linear Regression
  • Merge Hetero FastSecureBoost into Hetero SecureBoost as a boosting strategy option


  • Adjustable task_cores for standalone FATE
  • Enable Eggroll option to make computing output "IN_MEMORY" by default


  • Include Paillier encryption performance evaluation
  • Include SPDZ performance evaluation
  • Optimized testsuite printout
  • Include examples data upload and mnist download
  • Provide pipeline to dsl convert tools


  • Fix bug for SPDZ when using default q_filed
  • Fix multiple get problem of SPDZ
  • Fix bugs of recursive-query homo feature binning
  • Fix homo_nn's model aggregation problem
  • Fix bug for hetero feature selection when using federated filter but some party's feature is empty.

Major Features and Improvements in FATE-Flow v1.8.0

  • Optimize the model migration function to reduce user operation steps;
  • Add version compatibility check in component center to support multiple parties to use different versions;
  • Add data table disable/enable function, and support batch delete disable table

Major Features and Improvements in KubeFATE v1.8.0

KubeFATE v1.8.0 supports FATE v1.8.0 and brings the following updates:

  • Support specify ingress class names #523 ;
  • KubeFATE support liveness and readiness #552 ;
  • Adjust the file structure of the Chart to facilitate the addition of new module #526 ;
  • Solve the warning of potential security vulnerabilities in Github pages #519 ;
  • and other bug fixes #501

For the feature list details, please refer to: KubeFATE v1.8.0 Feature List



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