The latest news of FedAI are updated! Let’s find out what happened in last month。

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The latest news of FedAI has been released. Please find out what we happened in September.



1.        WeBank joins Linux Foundation, federated learning helps the innovative banking


On September 17th, the biggest international non-profit open-source organization Linux Foundation announced that WeBank has become its latest gold member. Currently, Linux Foundation members include Alibaba, Dell, Facebook, Toyota, Uber and other companies. WeBank is the first financial institution that acquires the gold membership.


It is reported that recently WeBank’s AI team led the transfer of the FATE (Federated AI Technology Enabler) to the Linux Foundation. FATE is the world's first industrial-level open-source framework, which is independently researched and developed by WeBank. As a gold member, WeBank’s AI team and global developers jointly promote the establishment of a federated learning ecosystem and develop and promote AI technology and its application under the protection of data security and user privacy.


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2.        WeBank and Extreme Vision create the first vision federated learning system to promote federated learning in the field of visualization


On September 17th, WeBank and Extreme Vision officially signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Shenzhen. The first vision federated learning system among the industries, jointly created by the parties, has been officially launched. As the first application of federated learning in the field of computer vision, the cooperation will focus on breaking through the three difficulties, data silos and missing data, data security, policies and regulations, which are caused by the competition of computer vision industry.


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3.        WeBank and Tencent upgrade the cooperation, federated learning and Shield Sandbox jointly build the industry benchmark


Recently, Tencent Cloud – WeBank fintech innovation laboratory has officially established a federated learning joint research project of WeBank and Tencent Cloud Shield Sandbox. Both parties will conduct a series of product research and development and iterative optimization based on federated learning. Meanwhile, they will have deep cooperation in research and development and industry standards and so on, to promote the application implementation of AI technology under privacy protection.


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4.        Tencent Data Security experts talk about the federated learning open-source project FATE: A bridge to the ideal future of privacy protection


Recently, FATE open-source community of WeBank has two new contributors – Yang Liu and Shuqi Qin from Tencent. As experts in the field of cloud computing security, they have constructed a new function point for FATE and submitted the related bug and fix it on the GitHub. It is reported that the core computing module of Tencent Shield Sandbox is provided by FATE. The sandbox project team will actively seek for methods to improve the shortcomings when they use the FATE framework and algorithm and make contributions to FATE open-source project. This form of cooperation also promotes the polishing of Shield Sandbox products and the improvement of FATE project.


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5.        From IJCAI 2019 to NeurIPS 2019, federated learning will show up again in the international AI summit


At the middle of December in 2019, NeurIPS 2019 (Thirty-third Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems) will be held in Canada. NeurIPS is an International top academic conference on artificial intelligence, listed as A-class conference in the field of artificial intelligence by China Computer Federation. At this top conference in machine learning, WeBank, Google, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and other institutions jointly hold the Workshop on Federated Learning for Data Privacy and Confidentiality. More than 400 outstanding researchers and practitioners of federated learning are expected to attend the workshop.


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