FATE case study in risk management, English & Chinese blog posts on Federated Learning - FATE Social Media Digest - Sep 24th, 2021



@FateFedAI has published a new article about a real use case of FATE. Welcome to check this out via the Twitter or Medium links:

Case-study: See how FATE can help in risk management of credit in small and micro enterprises. Spoiler alert - there is over 10+ percent in model performance enhancement thanks to the implementation of federated machine learning.

As mentioned before, VMware OCTO blog has published a series of posts on Federated Learning and FATE/KubeFATE. There are also Chinese version of them. Welcome to check them out:

VMware OCTO Blog (in English):
  1. Federated Machine Learning: Overcoming Data Silos and Strengthening Privacy
  2. Cloud-Native Federated Learning and Projects

The Chinese version of the first article is published via VMware's official WeChat account:

The Chinese version of second article will be published soon. Stay tuned for further update!