[acumosaicommunity]Help: How to integrate with acumos with DCAE ? #cal-invite


We are in process of integrating DCAE with acumos.
I have referred this DCAE tutorials (https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/2020-04-16+DCAE+Demo?preview=/81407127/81407537/DCAE-MOD_Demo_recording_04162020.mp4)

I understand, we have to provide acumos federation URL in DCAE nifi GUI to fetch all acumos catalog and model/solutions.
Lets say my acumos host is acumos-server(IP
federation-service -->  9084 :31892/TCP,9011:30855/TCP

So federation URL can be --> but 9084 is internal POD's port, So I tried with mapped node port
but it doesn't fetches public catalog from my acumos, Is there any prerequisite like authentication details in DCAE ?