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Aimee Ukasick <aimeeu.opensource@...>

New Collaboration Tool: Etherpad

Last week, the LF launched an Etherpad instance for the Acumos Community to use for real-time collaboration.

Etherpad is a real-time collaborative online editor. It allows multiple people to collaborate on content such as:
  • Meeting agendas
  • Taking minutes for online or offline meetings, workshops or any event¬†
  • Real time or asynchronous, text-based planning of projects - feature planning, release planning
  • Brainstorming
  • To-Do lists
  • Gathering info for project-based docs
  • Keeping notes and stack traces for bugs
  • Collating¬†resources, research and other forms of data

URL: https://etherpad.acumos.org/

Etherpad Guide: https://wiki.acumos.org/display/AC/Etherpad+Guide

Please feel free to reach out to the Community if you need more info on how to make use of an etherpad.


Aimee Ukasick
irc: aimeeu