JIRA epic created for "Model artifacts must include license/attribution"

SULLIVAN, BRYAN L (BRYAN L) <bryan.sullivan@...>

Hi TSC and community:


I created an epic in the Acumos JIRA to address the implementation per the TSC-reaffirmed requirement that all models and generated artifacts must carry clear license and copyright statements: https://jira.acumos.org/browse/ACUMOS-762. This is related to the JIRA task https://jira.acumos.org/browse/ACUMOS-714 for the implementation.


Comments to this epic are welcome, however we need to get this implemented quickly as:

(1)    We have demo models onboarded and published already, that do not conform to these requirements

(2)    The upcoming Acumos Developer Challenge will bring many more models, and we need to proactively prepare to properly license/attribute the generated artifacts


Read thru ACUMOS-762 and you will see why this is assigned to the onboarding component. Here is the summary though as well. Note that as clarified on the TSC call, this does not require a particular license, but simply that there be a license. However as Scott stated, for any models contributed directly to or published thru the LF Acumos instance, there *does* need to be a particular license: APL 2.0  (code), CC-BY 4.0 (docs).


Title: Model artifacts must include license/attribution

Per the Acumos charter, and reaffirmed today by the Acumos TSC as pertaining to models contributed to Acumos (the project and federated platform ecosystem) in addition to code/etc of the Acumos platform itself, all models must be associated with a license, copyright, and pass scans for security vulnerabilities.

Since artifacts are generated in the process of onboarding, it is at that point that licenses must be included in those artifacts to the extent technically feasible, or in a package that contains those artifacts. Such artifacts include any discretely downloadable artifact e.g. the model (zip file) and microservice image.

Model artifacts created in onboarding must include a license and copyright statement as supplied by the modeler in their upload of the model. Onboarding must:
1)      Include the author’s license and copyright in any generated code modules (e.g. *.py) that have any significant design elements (i.e. code that does anything specific to the model).
2)      Include a LICENSE.txt file with the same license/copyright at the root of the model zip file, to cover any included files that do not support text comments.
3)      Include a LICENSE.txt file with the same license/copyright at the filesystem root of the generated microservice container image.



Bryan Sullivan | AT&T