Wiki pages for TSC committees created

SULLIVAN, BRYAN L (BRYAN L) <bryan.sullivan@...>

Hi all,


Aimee and I created some initial pages for the Architecture, Community, and Security committees of the TSC: see

Charters: See Architecture Committee, Community Committee, and Security Committee.

·         Note these charters are a work in progress. It would be best for the members interested in supporting these committees to weigh in by editing the pages or responding using the page comment tool.

Home pages:

·         Architecture

· Community

·         Security


In addition to firming up the charters, it would be great for the community to start weighing in on the work of these committees. For example I created use case tables for each of the committees, which we can use to summarize etc their work that relates to use cases, e.g.:

·         Architecture: defining high-level use cases

·         Community: developing a release plan and implementation plans for the use cases

·         Security: creating next-level detail use cases based upon the input of the Architecture committee


I will start populating those tables with some initial use cases to prime the pump.



Bryan Sullivan | AT&T