Java 17

Nigel Jones

We have recently had some discussions about our release 4.x. . The expected timescale for this is early 2023.

One of the changes we’re planning, is to upgrade to Java 17 for release 4.x . 

 Java 17 is a Long Term Service Release, and was released in September 2021, so we will be approaching 18 months by the time 4.x is released.

Egeria already builds with Java 17 (in addition to 11) – our standard pipeline for the core has always targeted the next release up to the next LTS

Our current plan with this change would be to:

- Update our ‘language level’ to 17 (from 11) , allowing use of Java 17 language constructs
- Build using the Java 17 compiler (temurin+hotspot)
- Build with a target JVM level of 17 (from 11) – so class file format version moves to 61 (from 55)
- Create our container images with a Java 17 (from 11) JVM (redhat UBI8 openjdk17)

We do not plan to continue build/target Java 11. will track this change


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