Re: [odpi-pmc-datagovernance] Data Governance PMC Meeting Minutes - 20th October 2017

Susan Malaika

As indicated in the minutes below I've created a first rough draft of a landing page - It is too long, but now there is something to edit or comment on.
Happy to turn it into a wiki page or something easier to edit by the group
Please send feedback & let me know where you would like me to post
Susan Malaika

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Subject: [odpi-pmc-datagovernance] Data Governance PMC Meeting Minutes - 20th October 2017

Dear All,
Below are the minutes of the Data Governance PMC Meeting Held on 20th October 2017

  • Mandy Chessell - IBM
  • John Mertic - ODPi
  • Alan Gates - HortonWorks
  • Laurie Dewey - Progressive Insurance
  • Subash DSouza - Warner Brothers
  • Srikanth Venkat - HortonWorks
  • Susan Malaika - IBM
  • Madhan Neethiraj - HortonWorks
  1. Discussion on how we work together and recruit new members
  2. Review of the privacy package proposal
    • How do we break down the privacy package into small deliverables to help people accelerate their privacy program?
    • Srikanth will look into defining small discovery services  we could work on.
    • Can we divide out the policies and other artifacts into small deliverables.
    • Perhaps the UI/API/Model should be divided vertically to support simple use cases.
  • Srikanth and Susan to work with Greg Wallace from the ODPi on a landing page for the Data Governance PMC.  This will link to our GitHub project and jiras.  
  • Mandy to set up GitHub landing page
  • Mandy to set up top level Jira for privacy package to allow us to start working out back log.

All the best
Mandy Chessell CBE FREng CEng FBCS
IBM Distinguished Engineer

Master Inventor
Member of the IBM Academy of Technology
Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield

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Assistant: Janet Brooks - jsbrooks12@...

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