[odpi-pmc-datagovernance] Doing an ODPi Data Governance meetup at Dataworks Summit EU

John Mertic <jmertic@...>

My two cents are that it make sense to show alignment with the existing community events around Atlas versus going out on our own. It's also good timing since the talk we have is Wednesday in the afternoon, so we can use that to send people to the BoF.

Irregardless - I'm very excited and supportive of whatever this group feels is appropriate.

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On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 12:30 PM, Alan Gates <gates@...> wrote:
I looked into the options for us to have a meetup at DWS EU in Berlin in April.  There are several things we could do:
1) Wednesday evening (between the two days of the conference) there are already BoFs scheduled for many areas, including one for Security and Governance.  Atlas will be a major focus of this BoF.  We could participate in this. Srikanth, Mandy, Ferd, and others will probably be interested in attending this BoF regardless.  This is a particularly good timeslot because it's between the last talks of the day and the evening party, so people are likely to be hanging around with nothing else to do.
2) Related to option 1, Rafael (the schedule coordinator) offered to split the Security and Governance BoF into two separate ones, one focusing on just security and one on just governance.  This would mean the BoF was focused solely on Atlas and related technologies.
3) Both of the above don't allow ODPi to headline the BoF or help drive the agenda, just to participate.  If we really want an event where we headline it, then there are lunch slots available.  These have limited promotion options as the sponsors pay for the lunches and want people in the expo area at that time (meaning we could not put our meetup in the official schedule).  So we would have to work ourselves to get the word out.  But it would be all our show.

Thoughts?  I don't have a strong opinion.  Whatever the group decides I'll work with Rafael to make happen.