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David Espejo

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🚀 What's new this month? 🚀

🎉Flyte v1.5.0 Release


Introducing experimental features. Use them and give us your feedback!

  • Data subsystem revamped (now using fsspec exclusively) leading to:
    • Higher performance for most use cases
    • Improved streaming capabilities for flytekit
  • Limited support for partial tasks
    • Fix ("freeze") certain parameters of a Task/MapTask

Other features:

  • Support for Python 3.11
  • Changes to the database migrations process, as a necessary preparation for supporting databases other than Postgres in future releases.

For full release notes, visit the page on GitHub.


⚙ New RFC process

➡️ In line with the recent updates to the Governance model, there's a new process in place to ensure enough community discussion for ideas that could change Flyte's user experience. How it works and how you can participate are described here


📅 Multiple in-person events coming soon

🎵On the road again…

April brings a lot of opportunities to catch up with Flyte maintainers and community members. 

  • Atlanta ML Meetup: “The fundamentals of type-safe, reproducible, scalable data pipelines”
    • April 19, 5p.m. ET
    • ➡️ RSVP
  • PyCon Seattle
    • 2 talks happening at April 26 and 28
    • is a sponsor — bring your Flyte questions to the booth!
  • PyCon US


🔔 New examples covering DuckDB, Banana and Hugging Face

New blog posts

How to serve models with Banana 

Using Hugging Face transformers and a Flyte workflow, Samhita Alla explores in this post how to serve models using Banana's ML inference system.


Analyzing COVID-19 Impact on NYC Taxis with DuckDB

Leveraging the existing integration with DuckDB, Samhita also explores in this piece how to run complex queries in a dataset with minimum effort. 


Keep on the streak, Samhita!✨

 💡What's coming for Flyte?💡

🎉Flyte v1.6.0 (scheduled for end of April)


Planned improvements include:

  • External plugin system
  • Support for other databases (starting with MySQL)

➡️See the full roadmap and uptove/comment issues


❓Do you have an idea, but you're not sure if it should be an RFC? Create an entry in the RFC Incubator to get the discussion started!

🤝 Success Stories 🤝

Learn how Flyte powers innovation at Freenome


Freenome, a biotech company looking to develop a novel method for early cancer detection, sought a platform that could not only help it run complex and computation-heavy workflows at scale but could also be integrated to its existing Kubernetes infrastructure.. 


Why Flyte at Freenome?

  • Flexibility of writing workflows in a familiar interface (Python) and making them portable
  • Fine-grained resource management
  • Improved collaboration among teams for rapid experimentation
  • Credibility of a graduated OSS project


➡️ Read the full story here

🎤 Events: where to catch up with Flyte!

April is a jam-packed month of opportunities to connect with the Flyte community during in-person events:


😎 Stay tuned for further opportunities to catch up with the Flyte community at PyData!

😎Contributor's corner 

You’ve heard about the career benefits of contributing to open source. Now learn here about the different ways to contribute to Flyte!



⚙️ Jobs ⚙️

  • Company: LatchBio
  • Role: Software Engineer
  • Location: Mission Bay, SF
  • See full job description and apply here


Looking for talent or in search of your next position? 

➡️ Head over to #jobs and let the community know!

✔ New adopters ✔ 

😎 Who's using Flyte?



➡️Check out the full ADOPTERS list and add your project/organization!

🗓️ Coming Up 🗓️

▶Low code Flyte at Spotify!

Spotify's Data Science Manager, Tim Leonard, recently published a deep-dive blog series covering the integration between dbt and Flyte. In this session, Tim will follow up with a presentation sharing how Spotify leverages Imperative Workflows with Flyte! 

📅 Tue, April 18, 9:00AM PST


➡️ Import the calendar of Flyte community events here

🙏  Thank you, Contributors! 🙏 

Special thanks go out to the following Flyte community members for being our March ✨Contributors of the Month✨!

Maarten de Jong

Sr Geospatial Engineer at

Greg Gydush

Sr Bioinformatics Researcher at Freenome

Byron Hsu

Software Engineer at Linkedin

As an integral part of our community, they have been providing valuable insights and answers to questions on Slack. We appreciate their consistent efforts to keep our community vibrant and engaged.




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