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Nancy Greer <nancy...@...>

Hi Mark-
Thank you for setting this up.  I would love to attend as well.  

I'd like to upvote the Janusgraph Loading, specifically bulk loading.  :)   I'm currently working on a project using Janusgraph, Spark Graphx, Cassandra and Solr.   

Thank you -

On Friday, February 15, 2019 at 1:30:51 PM UTC-5, Ted Wilmes wrote:
I'm currently helping to put together an online JanusGraph meetup, hosted by the company I work for, Expero. Though we'll 
host the audio/video and I'll likely present on one topic (probably JG data loading), the idea is to make this a community event with
the majority of the content coming from other JanusGraph users and developers.

We're shooting for 3-4 hours for the meetup with presentations running between 20 and 30 minutes with ample amount of time in 
between for open discussion and Q&A. The schedule will be published ahead of time so folks can jump in and out if they're 
only interested in a subset of the topics or have time constraints.

Right now we're targeting March 20 or 27th and I'm writing to this list first to see if any of 
you all would be interested in presenting on something that you're currently excited about
as members of the JanusGraph community.

Here's some ideas I had for topics. They lean towards
items that I think would be beneficial to folks who are just getting into JanusGraph, and maybe
even property graph dbs in general but don't let this limit your imagination:

* Getting started with JanusGraph and Gremlin
* Client driver connectivity options (.NET, Python, etc.)
* Production architecture, deployment, and operations tips and tricks
* Production use cases (successes and/or failures and lessons learned)
* How to load data into JanusGraph
* Latest and greatest Janus development news
* 3rd party JanusGraph related projects - new storage adapters, visualization tools that work with JG
* Analytics on top of JanusGraph (Apache TinkerPop Gremlin on Spark)
* ... other ideas?

So, first thing first, does the online meetup idea sound like something that some of you might attend and if so, would you 
be interested in presenting? If so, please respond with a topic you'd like to talk about and we can add you to the schedule.


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