Re: [DISCUSS] 0.2.3 release and 0.3 branch

Chris Hupman <chris...@...>

Hi guys,

I just had a short call with Jason about what is required for releases and wanted to share my notes. I'm back from vacation and plan to get the process started this week.

JanusGraph Release checklist
  • Start up new janusgraph-dev thread on release proposing what should be included in the release and asking for additional feedback and suggestions
  • Make sure all PRs and issues added since last release are associated to the milestone
  • Complete all items associated with milestone or move to a new milestone if necessary
  • Write up a synopsis of changes made in release for release page and vote thread
  • validate all changes have been merged upstream
  • create janusgraph-dev vote thread and get required votes
  • Tag release
  • Draft release and upload artifacts
  • Upload to sonatype


On Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 11:24:42 AM UTC-7, Jan Jansen wrote:
It would be cool to get the documentation ready for the release of version 0.3.2.
Therfefore, It would be cool, if some of the JanusGraph folks checks the documentation.

Afterwards, We can merge it, so we can integrate all changes of 0.3 docs. Followed by preparation for 0.4.

Jan Jansen

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