[DISCUSS] JanusGraph 0.3.2 release

Oleksandr Porunov <alexand...@...>

Hi everyone,

I am going to make "0.3.2" release PR after conflicts in #1609 is resolved and the PR is merged.
After that I am going to finalize artifacts, docs and start a voting process. 
I have moved all opened issues from "0.3.2" milestone into "v0.3.x" milestone.

I have removed these two issues from milestones: #1547 and #1588 because they look more like features and I am not sure that they will be resolved soon (Of course I will be happy to review them when they are fixed). As I understand we re-targeted them from master into "0.3" because they are partially connected to the bugfix but on the other hand they are introducing a new parameter, so I don't know which branch they should be targeted. I am OK with both "0.3" and "master" branches.

Please, tell if we need to include something else into "0.3.2" release.
Estimated time for starting a release process is 1-2 days.

Best regards,

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