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Misha Brukman <mbru...@...>

Hi Oleksandr,

Before you start accepting money on behalf of JanusGraph, please keep in mind that The Linux Foundation did not expect us to do so when the project was started, and a fraction of the donations would need to be provided to The Linux Foundation. For details, please see section "6. Budget and Funding", paragraph (c) in which says:

Initially, the Project will not raise any funds and will be supported on a volunteer
basis by the Project participants. In the event the Project does decide to solicit
funding or more than one Project participant provides funding, a General &
Administrative (G&A) fee will be applied by The Linux Foundation to any funds
raised by the Project. The G&A fee shall equal 9% of the Project’s first
$1,000,000 of gross receipts each year and 6% of the Project’s gross receipts over
$1,000,000 each year. For the purposes of clarity, contributions to the Project of
IP, personnel, time, and infrastructure are not subject to the G&A fee.

So at the very least, we would need to formally notify The Linux Foundation of the intent to raise funds, which brings up all sorts of questions:
  • do we need to create a bank account for JanusGraph? Or will The Linux Foundation accept money on behalf of the project (since they are registered non-profit 501(c)(3) in the US), deduct appropriate percentages, and deposit into a JanusGraph "virtual" account?
  • does Linux Foundation already have a paid account with Travis CI which includes more builds that JanusGraph can take advantage of?
That said, since the whole purpose of these donations is to increase the amount of build workers, perhaps the currently-beta-soon-to-be-GA GitHub CI service would do the trick? Disclaimer: I haven't tried it out, and haven't done enough investigation to see whether it actually has more parallelism than Travis CI, and whether it would be able to support the large CI build matrix that JanusGraph has.

On Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 4:42 PM Oleksandr Porunov <alexand...@...> wrote:
Due to inactivity of the discussion, I am going to make actions by my own and register necessary accounts for JanusGraph.

If anyone has opposite opinion, please write it in this thread.

I think, that a paid Travis plan would help us with:
1) Run tests faster due to a bigger amount of concurrent  jobs. Sometimes where several PRs are committed it takes days to Travis to finish building.
2) Run long running jobs. We don't currently run TinkerPop tests regularly because they are too long (~8 hours) to be executed by Travis. It makes a process of TinkerPop upgrading much harder.

Travis plans are listed here:

Currently, the plan which has the same amount of concurrent jobs as the free plan (5) is "Small Business" plan. If we buy it, than the pros is that we will be able to run long running jobs.

If we buy "Premium" plan, we will have 10 concurrent jobs and long running and possibility to execute long running jobs.

Best regards,
Oleksandr Porunov

On Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at 7:14:54 PM UTC+3, Oleksandr Porunov wrote:

I didn't research much, but I think we could try to enable some platform which will work to collect money contributions which we can spent on some expenses. I didn't research much how it works but I think we could use the contributed money for something like:
- Buy commercial Travis plan to be able to run TinkerPop tests clearly
- Hiring a full-time developer / developers to the project
- Tickets to conferences to present JanusGraph

It is just a simple ideas. I didn't research deep but the platforms we could look at are: 
- possibly some other platforms

What the community think about this step? Do you think it could be useful?

Best regards,
Oleksandr Porunov

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