Re: [VOTE] JanusGraph 0.4.1 release

Jason Plurad <plu...@...>

* Imported KEYS file and verified GPG signatures on pre-built distribution files
* Downloaded source code archive and built a distribution
  * Verified the release tag matches the zipped source code
* Unzipped the pre-built distribution and did manual testing with
  * Quick start: Cassandra and Elasticsearch and Gremlin Server
  * BerkeleyJE and Lucene
* Unzipped the docs and verified it had the release notes

VOTE: +1

Thank you very much, Oleksandr!

On Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 12:57:27 PM UTC-5, Oleksandr Porunov wrote:
Extending voting process until we get 1 more vote from TSC members.

Best regards,

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