Re: [DISCUSS] Developer chat (+FoundationDB chat)

Jan Jansen <faro...@...>

+1 for this.

Besides Gitter, we should think also about Slack or Discord. 

  • Slack is much more common in the industry than Gitter.
  • Discord had gain speed in the open-source communities in the last years and also support Talk channels directly.

On Monday, March 30, 2020 at 12:40:23 PM UTC+2, Florian Hockmann wrote:
we currently have a public chat on Gitter for JanusGraph that is mainly used for questions by users. I think it would be helpful to have another room to discuss about the development of JanusGraph. It should only be used for quick informal discussions as all formal decisions should be made here in the Google group where they get more visibility and people have more time to voice their opinion. But a chat makes it easier to have quick discussion or to coordinate bigger development tasks.

In addition to a general developer chat room, I think that it might also be useful in the long term to create rooms for certain areas of development, e.g., for the driver or for a specific backend. Contributors already asked for a chat to coordinate the development of the FoundationDB backend. So, I suggest that we also create a dedicated room for the FoundationDB backend which is kind of a special case as it's still in an early state, not an official backend (yet?) and there apparently already exist some attempts in different organizations to improve that backend which shows the need for improved coordination in my opinion.

Are there any concerns with this? Otherwise I'll go ahead and create the rooms.

TLDR: I suggest that we create two new rooms in our Gitter JanusGraph organization:
  1. JanusGraph Development
  2. JanusGraph FoundationDB

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