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Some of your reason are exactly the reason why I’m against Gitter. 
Currently Gitter is for JanusGraph just support chat. This channel would be hard to use for the developer focused talks. Therefore, we have created private channel or highly moderate channel just for development focused topics. I think having an extra platform where you have to signup separately would reduce the support questions, massively. 

Are you trying to have the same separation on Gitter as we do with janusgraph-users@ and janusgraph-dev@ mailing lists? Would creating separate channels on Gitter not address this? Or are you saying you've already done this, and it's not helping?
I thought about the separation of google groups. I think just a different channel of wouldn’t help because some people just ignore these rules. For example github issues, you have a template for question which says please ask in the google group and they ignore it. In the google group, you see it less often. I think an extra barrier between both channels would separate these topics better.
I didn’t know history thing in slack.

The free version of Slack limits the workspace to 10000 recent messages; however, my understanding is that this is a global number, not a per-channel number. In some free workspaces I've seen, for less active channels, this means ~zero history because other channels are so active, that they continuously exhaust the 10K most recent messages, so if you're not there to see the message, you'll see almost nothing.
I mentioned also Discord which also includes voice channels.

I didn't realize folks would enjoy live voice chat, but it does sound like an interesting option.


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