Re: [PROPOSAL] new repository for janusgraph-foundationdb

Jan Jansen <faro...@...>

My vote: +1


On Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 4:32:37 PM UTC+2, Jason Plurad wrote:
Several developers from the community have expressed interest in collaborating on a storage backend for FoundationDB. As discussed on this thread, they each have a separate fork (no license changes) from the original experoinc/janusgraph-foundationdb repo that Ted Wilmes created (no updates in ~2 years).

I propose that we create a new project janusgraph-foundationdb under the JanusGraph org so that developers can work together to merge their forks and move forward.

Let's give it 72 hours for lazy consensus.

I'm +1 for this proposal.

-- Jason

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