Re: Official support for FoundationDB?

Anshul Pathak <anshul...@...>

+1 , we are also planning to use FDB and this will surely help

On Friday, 22 May 2020 12:08:42 UTC-7, jack...@... wrote:
Hi everyone,

Seems there may be a good deal of interest in having support for FoundationDB as a backend storage for Janusgraph. Ted Wilmes had created a storage adapter that hasn't seen any updates by Ted for some time, however other teams have picked up where Ted left off with a few forks seeing some activity:

I wanted to start a conversation about working towards getting this adapter added as part of the main janusgraph code base and making FDB an officially supported backend.

Personally, I am interested in seeing this happen as I work for IBM and we are planning on using Janusgraph on top of FoundationDB for a few projects. The fork is where some of our team members have started to make changes. We originally forked from experoinc repo and only noticed the other forks after the fact. It seems both the rngcntr and skyrocknroll forks have seen a good deal of changes and may be better forks to choose as a starting point to bring in to the official code base.  

If the community decides they want to do this I would like to offer my assistance in helping bring the code in and adding documentation to jump start the process. 

I look forward to hearing everyones thoughts on this topic. 

Christopher Jackson

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