Add support to AWS Keyspaces (or DynamoDB) as storage backend #2154

Nicolò Marchi <nicolo...@...>

Hi all, 

I'm reporting here a feature request that i added as issue on the Janusgraph github project.

Describe the feature:
Add the possibility to use AWS Keyspaces as storage backend since it is a SaaS service and compatible with Cassandra. Or add the possibility to use AWS DynamoDB as storage backend using the old connector made by AWS Labs.
These could be good feature since developers could use managed services and avoid the difficulty in manage an "important storage like Cassandra"

Describe a specific use case for the feature:
In a completely SaaS architecture is common to have DBs and other technologies provided as a service. Have the possibility to connect Janus to an already existing (for other purposes) Keyspaces cluster or DynamoDB endpoint gives the possibility to have all data in a single service.

Is it something that could be feasable? Or something that someone else could use or need?? 

What do you think about it?



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