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Jason Plurad <plu...@...>

I didn't work on initial fork from thinkaurelius/titan, so it'd be great if those folks chimed in on this thread.

From what I recall of that fork process, all of the author tags were removed from the source files, and the AUTHORS.txt + CONTRIBUTORS.txt were created in its place. We could go ahead and create an AUTHORS.txt and put Expero Inc in it. I don't think a CONTRIBUTORS.txt file is required. All JanusGraph contributors have to sign a CLA to contribute, and once signed, they are covered by "JanusGraph Authors" (twilmes is already covered by that also).

For copyright, I think we'd need a NOTICE.txt ( which can describe that the code was contributed by Expero Inc to JanusGraph. Then update the copyright in the source files to "JanusGraph Authors". Check out the Apache License ( under Redistribution of Derivative Works.

On Friday, July 10, 2020 at 5:54:50 PM UTC-4 jacks...@... wrote:
Hi Folks,

I wanted to get started on making some contributions to the foundationdb adapter now that the initial repo is established, first and foremost by cleaning up the repo. IE. making it conform to the standards/conventions used by the rest of the janusgraph projects/repositories. While working on I also wanted to tackle other cleanup type items. In particular I'm curious to what should be done (if anything) about lines like these:

Should the copyright tags and author tags still be present? And in general how do `@author` tags work in the janusgraph open source project? I know that the main repository has files:
which I believe cover both these points, should we create analogous files in this repository and remove author tags and copyright statements from each individual source file?

Again I don't know what proper etiquette is in this regard so looking for input from others before making any changes.

Christopher Jackson

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