[DISCUSS] Move to GitHub Actions

Florian Hockmann <f...@...>


Travis CI has recently announced that they will only offer 1000 build minutes / month for OSS projects. Given that our builds currently take ~10h, we would only be able to execute around 2 builds per month of our main repository. While the linked
blog post also mentions the possibility to request more free build minutes, I'm not sure whether we want to rely on that and how realistic it is that they will provide us with enough build minutes. (Just to give an example: We would need around 50,000 build minutes per month to be able to execute 3 builds per day.)

To make matters worse, we're still on travis-ci.org which will be abandoned at the end of this year in favor of travis-ci.com. So, even if we want to stay with Travis, we would need to migrate our projects over from travis-ci.org to travis-ci.com.

Given these policy changes by Travis CI, I propose that we migrate to GitHub Actions which seems to be much more OSS friendly nowadays and which probably also allows us to better parallelize and therefore speed up our builds. It allows up to 20 concurrent jobs with a maximum runtime of 6h per job. This should also make it easier to execute the TinkerPop tests for more backends.

Any thoughts or concerns on this topic?

PS: For a bit more context about the changes in Travis CI for OSS projects, I recommend this blog post which made me aware of this in the first place.

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