[DISCUSS] Thread appears as read after a new reply is posted

HadoopMarc <m.c.delignie@...>

Hi all,

After using the new mail lists through the web ui for a while, there are two aspects that are particularly annoying:

1. After a new reply appears to a thread, the thread still appears as "read" in the web ui. In other words, you have to open every thread to see whether new replies are present.

2. There is no possibility to start a thread on the web ui. This feels inconsistent because it *is* possible to do a reply in the web ui.

I know, you can get those replies by e-mail, but can anyone advice about a webmail client that has the feel of the old Google groups? I certainly do not want to clutter my usual e-mail account + client with janusgraph posts.

Best wishes,  Marc

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