[DISCUSS] Dropping HBase 1 support

Jansen, Jan


I looked into the Hbase 1 support after Porunov asked why I want to drop if the builds are passing: https://github.com/JanusGraph/janusgraph/pull/2213#issuecomment-861620348. It seems that we stop testing HBase 1 in our CI solution already in branch 0.3. The main issue was a wrong combination of maven flags for stop testing.

I tried to fix the flags and realized that isn't working against the Testcontainers solution, so revert internal back to commit before Testcontainers, see here https://github.com/GDATASoftwareAG/janusgraph/tree/test-hbase1. I had to fix some build issue than was able to execute tests which are failing https://github.com/GDATASoftwareAG/janusgraph/actions/runs/1024212663. (I didn't fix the HBase 2 build)

My Idea would be to drop HBase 1 support. (Currently, HBase 1 support already requires a custom build of JG.)

Any thoughts?

Greetings, Jan

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