Re: [DISCUSSION] Release snapshot versions on each commit

Oleksandr Porunov

Hi Jan,

Thanks for pointing on that! That indeed uploads distribution for a commit but it doesn't provide you with the maven nexus repository to use those distributions. Basically, it means, that you will need to physically download `distribution-builds` and run it. In case you would like to run JanusGraph embedded into the application, it becomes not as easy to be used due to necessity to include transitive dependencies manually.
What I mean is to publish staging artifacts to the maven repository such as GitHub actions. If so, people could just include latest JanusGraph master snapshot releases simply defining something like:

Ignore `version` as for now because I didn't think about versioning yet but you can see a simple example here:
See the commit here:

Basically, I think it's possible to configure different publishing flows (either to sonatype for official releases or to GitHub Packages for unofficial releases).

Moreover, about the link which you shared. Did we document it anywhere? If no, I think it would be good to create a separate documentation page which tells about release artifacts for each commit and potentially releases to GitHub Packages for each commit.  

Best regards,

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