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Florian Hockmann

This thread didn’t really see much activity and I’m not sure how to interpret this. Are people here in favour of switching to Discord but don’t have much else to add to the discussion? Or do you just not care much about it?


But since we now only have two voices in favour of Discord, I’d move the discussion next to janusgraph-users and to our Discord channels to ask users for their opinion. If most users support the migration, then I’d say that we go ahead with it.


Another aspect of this we might want to discuss is whether we want to create our own Discord server or whether we just want to have a channel on the TinkerPop server which would probably also be an option.

The TinkerPop server would have the advantage that JanusGraph questions are often actually Gremlin questions and discussions about TinkerPop are usually also interesting for JanusGraph.

On the other hand, we might want to stay independent, and we probably also want to be able to create multiple channels (like for dev discussions or backend specific ones).

I think I’m more in favour of a dedicated JanusGraph server, but I still wanted to mention both possibilities in case others see it differently.



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Vote for Discord.


Many questions on Gitter are not getting answered likely due to its lack of popularity. I personally haven’t been using Gitter for a long time because I don’t use it for any purpose other than answering JanusGraph related questions. Personally, migrating to Discord means I would be more able to help users.


One only benefit I like about Gitter is that it is indexed by Google.

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we’re currently using Gitter as our chat system where we have two chat rooms, one mostly for users to ask questions and one to discuss development issues.


We already discussed moving to a different chat system two years ago as part of a discussion about creating the janusgraph-dev channel where Slack and Discord were mentioned as possible alternatives to Gitter [1].

This discussion about moving to a different chat system didn’t lead to a consensus so we stayed on Gitter. However, in the meantime TinkerPop has started a Discord server [2] which is getting more and more popular (~400 registered users right now, compared to ~250 in January). I’ve also recently noticed more and more JanusGraph questions being asked there so I wanted to bring this topic back up and suggest that we migrate to Discord.


Here are some advantages I see in favour of Discord:

  • Same platform that TinkerPop uses -> should make it easier for users
  • Discord seems to be becoming more popular for OSS communities*
  • Built-in support for voice chats


A downside of Discord is of course that people need to create an account for it whereas a GitHub/Gitlab/Twitter account is enough for Gitter.


Any thoughts on this?


* I don’t have numbers to back this up, but Jan mentioned it already in the discussion two years ago and Discord itself lists a few big OSS communities [3].



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