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Florian Hockmann

Thanks for your feedback, Oleksandr.


We now have 3 people here on the dev list in favour of starting a Discord Server and no one against it. Only one user responded on janusgraph-users in the thread you linked, and that user was also in favour of Discord. I also asked people on Gitter for their opinion [1] but didn’t really get a response there. Since also nobody on Gitter voiced concerns about moving to Discord, I don’t really see a reason against starting a Discord Server.


So, I went ahead and created a server. You can join via this link:

I’d say we wait a week or so before promoting it also to users, so we have some time to use and test the server ourselves.


Regarding links between the TinkerPop server and our own: We can probably create some kind of “welcome” channel where we briefly explain the channels of our own server and then also link to the TinkerPop server for general Gremlin questions. TinkerPop already has such a welcome channel, and we can later ask to be linked there for JanusGraph specific questions.




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