Re: [DISCUSS] 1.0.0 / 0.6.3 Releases

Florian Hockmann

Yes, a release candidate probably makes sense for the 1.0.0 release. I think we don’t need a formal voting process for a release candidate. So, if there are no objections, I start preparing such a release candidate which will also include a PR to update the version numbers on master.


If there are any issues that you think should be included in the release candidate, then please list them. Otherwise, simply everything that is merged into master until the PR that updates the version numbers is merged will be included.


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That sounds really awesome! Just one thought:


Shall we do a RC release (e.g. 1.0.0 RC1) before the official 1.0.0 release? There are quite some breaking and major changes in 1.0.0, and I feel we should be extra cautious about that.




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I would like to start a discussion about our next release(s) as there were multiple requests from the community already.

Our last release (0.6.2) was also already half a year ago (May 31) and our latest major release (0.6.0) was over a year ago in September 2021.


We also already have quite some features ready for 1.0.0 (and I probably even forgot some other important ones):


I think these are really substantial improvements that we should release to our users and therefore at least not wait much longer for a major release. Users have also repeatedly asked for a release that contains some of these improvements, especially the security related dependency updates.


So, are there any important issues / PRs that you definitely want to see included in the next release? Otherwise, I suggest that we set a fixed deadline of when we start the release process and everything that is not merged until then will be moved to a follow-up release.


Are there any issues that should definitely be included in a 1.0.0 release but will not be finished in the next few weeks? I think in that case we could also decide to release 0.7.0 first from master so we don’t block the release just because we have decided that the next major release should be 1.0.0.

But I think it should also not be a problem to postpone any open issues to a later major release. As Oleksandr mentioned in the thread where we decided that 1.0.0 should be next major release, 1.0.0 only indicates that JanusGraph is ready for production usage [1]. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be breaking changes afterwards (as there definitely will be).


Together with 1.0.0 (or 0.7.0 if we decide on that as the next major release), we can also release 0.6.3 from the 0.6 branch. If you see any issues that should be included in that release, then that would of course also be good to know.


Does anyone want to volunteer being the release manager for these two releases? Otherwise, I can also do it.






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