Re: [DISCUSS] 1.0.0 / 0.6.3 Releases

Florian Hockmann

Elasticsearch 8 is of course a good point. But do we need to support that directly in 1.0.0? Elasticsearch 7.17 seems to be still supported roughly until 9.0.0 gets released if I understood their EoL policy correctly [1].

Can’t we also add support for Elasticsearch 8 in a minor update, like 1.1.0 and clearly document how people need to migrate their indices if they want to update their Elasticsearch installation to v8? What I mean is that it’s only a breaking change for users who actually update to Elasticsearch 8 and then they should expect some breaking changes in general.


Or do you expect the change on our side to already be breaking so that all users have to migrate their indices, even if they stay on ES 7?


In general, I think we will end up with a release date for 1.0.0 some time in January irrespective of this if we want to publish a release candidate first and then provide users some time to try it out and provide feedback. (And nobody argued against it, so I already went ahead and created a PR for the release candidate.)




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Upgrade to ElasticSearch 8 will be a breaking change in regarding to Geoshape properties because we won't have Prefix Tree indexing strategy anymore. Users will need to do migration of any indexes containing Geoshape properties because Circle shape isn't compatible with the BDB indexing strategy (the only geoshape indexing strategy available in ES 8). See:
That PR is blocked until ElasticSearch 8.6.0 is released. I would prefer including such a breaking change into the 1.0.0 release.

In December there are usually many holidays and I suspect not many people will work during holidays. I think it would make sense to make `1.0.0` release early January, so that we have time to finish several other PRs and allow more people to test it because it will include quite a few breaking changes.

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