Re: [DISCUSS] 1.0.0 / 0.6.3 Releases

Oleksandr Porunov

You are right that these breaking changes regarding ElasticSearch side will be affecting only those users who want to switch using ElasticSearch 8. Users On ElasticSearch 6 and 7 won't be affected.
That said, for such a major upgrade I think it makes sense to include ES 8 support in JanusGraph 1.0.0 because I expect many people will want to switch to the newer ES version. Moreover, it looks like there is only one PR left targeted ElasticSearch 8.6.0 release ( ). So, I would expect ES 8.6.0 coming soon but can't guarantee that because I don't know their deadline. I would suggest to include ES 8 support if ES 8.6.0 is released anytime in the next 2-3 weeks. Otherwise we can retarget this upgrade to later versions of JanusGraph.

Notice, we have some issues targeting `1.0.0` release: 
I don't think we will be able to complete all of them till the release but I guess some of them might be better to be included into the release.
Florian Grieskamp currently works on some features which may be a breaking change for all users but those features are quite good I think.
Cost based index selection: 
He is also working on re-engineering index management life-cycle which might be a breaking change as well (see issue: (see his branch:
I don't know if he plans to complete those issues anytime soon, but if he does then those contributions would be very suitable for the major release like `1.0.0`.

Regarding rc releases - I'm totally fine doing rc1, rc2, rcX. That said, I would suggest to maybe take a look at the following discussion again: 
I still have some feeling that making snapshot (or whatever we call it) releases per each commit would make sense. Users will have an easy way to use all the latest JanusGraph features without waiting for official (fully tested) releases. 
With such approach I feel that official releases will be just an indicator to users that we tested the new added functionality which was added after the previous official release and we don't expect to break that functionality anytime soon.
Adding publishing to GitHub is quite easy (see an example: ) but I think we could do that for sonatype as well if we think we need snapshots there.

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