Re: [ANNOUNCE] JanusGraph 1.0.0 RC1

Florian Hockmann

Thanks, Oleksandr. I saw that PR when I composed the list but thought that #3022 already included the important changes. But sure, then we should also include #3327 for the next announcement.


Also, it looks like the formatting is off in my announcement. I copied some parts of the changelog from the discussion thread we had here on the dev list and then probably forgot to change their formatting. Sorry for that!


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Thank you Florian for starting this topic.

For future announcements:

In addition to possibility to remove composite index entries there was added possibility to remove mixed index entries in #3327
So I guess instead of the next point:
Add possibility to remove stale composite index entries: #3022
We could have the next point
Add possibility to remove stale graph index entries: #3022 and #3327

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