Change of our branching strategy

Florian Hockmann



in case you haven’t noticed already: We have recently changed our branching strategy. Instead of letting PRs target a branch like v0.6 and then merge the PR first into v0.6 and afterwards merge v0.6 into master, we now use a backporting approach.


This means that all PRs should in general target master. We can then decide if the change should be backported and then add the right label to enable automatic backporting (currently: `backport/v0.6`).

There are of course exceptions, e.g., if a PR fixes a bug in code that is only present on v0.6 but not on master. In that case, the PR can simply target v0.6 and also doesn’t have to be merged into master.


The backport approach should make it easier for first-time contributors who usually just start from master which oftentimes meant in the past that we had to ask them to retarget their PR on a different branch.


We have also documented this automatic backporting here:


For all committers: Please make sure that you follow this backporting strategy and don’t merge v0.6 into master anymore.




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