[DISCUSS] Move Docker images into main JanusGraph repo

Florian Hockmann



We currently maintain the JanusGraph Docker images in their own repository: https://github.com/JanusGraph/janusgraph-docker


While this comes with some benefits, like making it probably easier for new contributors to contribute to the images as the build process is easier to understand with only having the images there, it also comes with some drawbacks:


  • After every release, we also have to perform a release in the docker repo.
  • We don’t know whether a change in the main repo breaks the images until after a release as the Docker images won’t get a change before that.
  • Config in the main repo sometimes also need to be performed for the config in the image repo which we can easily forget. (Example: janusgraph/janusgraph-docker#113)


Recently, we noticed another problem caused by having a dedicated repo for the Docker images: Security scans don’t work well for the repo because the repo also contains images for all release branches and shows alerts for all images together and because alerts oftentimes have to be addressed in the main repo by updating a dependency there. For more information, see: https://github.com/JanusGraph/janusgraph-docker/issues/130


That is why Jan suggested in the linked issue that we integrate the Docker image into the main repo. Does anyone see good reasons to keep the dedicated janusgraph-docker repo?


If not, then we can move ahead and integrate the Docker images into the main repository. The 0.6 image would then be maintained in the v0.6 branch and the 1.0 image on master.

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