Re: [DISCUSS] Issue Tracking - Github, JIRA, YouTrack, what suits?

Dylan Bethune-Waddell <>

So it is (quite obviously and plainly stated at the bottom of every comment box, so I'm sorry for asking) possible to attach design docs to github issues. Doh. Also, if we do ever want to migrate to JIRA on an open source license we can use their tool for importing from github.

On Friday, January 27, 2017 at 1:38:46 PM UTC-5, Henry Saputra wrote:
I would recommend stick with Github issues for now until we find it is not enough for us to track changes and enhancement requests.

Keep it simple.

On Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 8:25:37 AM UTC-8, Dylan Bethune-Waddell wrote:
Both JIRA and YouTrack have free-for-open-source licensing options we could apply for (linked).
Haikal has mentioned on another thread as a nice value-add to github issue tracking.

In Ted's thread about development practices, we've mentioned some top-level Apache projects that link to design docs on JIRA issues, where the team iterates/comments on that one document directly instead of forum-style comment/reply communication, while preserving that option via the JIRA issue itself. Of course we have gitter for more interactive discussion, but the clarity a document with history of revisions and comments will provide is certainly worth it to me for the big stuff - could we achieve a natural integration of this on github's issue tracker without the overhead of outsourcing issue tracking to another platform?

I certainly like the idea that all the issues are actually part of the repo, so IMO the benefits and must-have features provided by an alternative to just using github would have to be substantial and exclusive. I would like to ask everyone if they think we should switch, and if there is enough of a split, we should then separately from this discussion vote on the matter. WDYT?

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