Re: HBase table definition and how flexible to change it?

Irving Duran <irvin...@...>

This is a good video that I would recommend ->

I would keep your vertex, edges, and properties together.

Thank You,

Irving Duran

On Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 12:49 PM, Demai <nid...@...> wrote:
hi, Guys

new to this form and looking for a few pointers.

I am fairly familiar with HBase, hence plan to use it as the backend. I went through the 'getting-started' tutorial, and have the example up and run. I am looking for a few pointers about the design(of familycolumn, key), and how/why it was designed in such way. And then like to lead to my next questions, is it flexible(and reasonable, beneficial) to store vertex, edge and properties separately?  To do so, which code should I pay attention to? 

Many thanks


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