Re: [PROPOSAL] Strict Schema

Rainer Pichler <rain...@...>

We at CELUM also put a custom model on top of JanusGraph that supports a type system and multi-inheritance for vertex/edge types.

The global scope of property key definitions forces us to define all properties' data type as Object as same-named properties on elements of different types might have different types
(this also revealed the issue!topic/janusgraph-dev/3KIDmHuTcwo). Overcoming this limitation should then reduce storage overhead when we can work with concrete property value types.

We solved the traversal-time schema enforcement by having a (compile-time) type-safe query language on top of Gremlin that also implements the type inheritance logic (Intro: Type inheritance is modelled via additional properties. Soon, I will release a blog article that elaborates on one of our use cases and highlights the benefits of a strict schema and type-safety.

-Rainer Pichler

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