Re: Question about Loading the Graph of the Gods Into JanusGraph

Keith Lohnes <loh...@...>


This would be better addressed in the JanusGraph users list.!forum/janusgraph-users

This issue can happen if you don't have elasticsearch running/configured properly. Try just running `graph ='conf/')`

You also shouldn't need to sudo to run JanusGraph. just run bin/, though it may cause issues for you now if you don't since the BerkeleyDB directory was created with sudo privileges.


On Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 11:19 AM Lujia Zhang <lukezh...@...> wrote:
Hi Team, so I'm new to JanusGraph and having trouble with following the getting started tutorial from JanusGraph website. 
First, when I open Gremlin Shell, it gives a lot of warnings, which is concerning. Also having issue with executing graph ='conf/')

Error trace is long, if needed, I can post more error traces.

Please help.

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