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Hi Ted

I work on Apache Atlas, which provides open metadata management and data governance capabilities. Atlas facilitates the creation of a catalog of data assets, which can be classified and governed to comply with regulatory requirements. So it has use cases in things like data analytics and GDPR-compliance. There may be many data sources within a data lake and the metadata relating to them can be federated across metadata repositories. Atlas supports the definition of a types and instances of those types, and both types and instances reflect the relationships between assets and processes. A graph is therefore a good way to represent entities and their properties and relationships to other entities. Atlas was originally based on Titan 0.5.4 but we have recently moved it up to JanusGraph 0.2.0.
The choice of persistence and indexing backends offered by Janus makes it flexible for Atlas users, and the close support for Apache Tinkerpop is good for open-standards compliance and portability.
I don't think Atlas has any particular pain points with respect to Janus, although the change to client-only use of indexing backends in 0.2.0 has caused some extra work.
The current Janus community discussion about strong schema validation and enforcement might be interesting to the Atlas community.

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I'm going to be speaking at Data Day Texas [1] in a few weeks on the topic of 
JanusGraph. It will be an overview of the project and the ever growing ecosystem 
popping up around it. I would also like to include a few real world anecdotes to 
show how the community is using Janus in production (or in preparation of going 
to production). If you have a bit of time and are interested, it would be great to connect
for a few minutes on hangouts or if you could post here or send me an 
email (twilmes at gmail com), it would be much appreciated. I'm particularly 
interested in what led you to Janus, how it's helping you solve problems in a 
unique way, and also what pain points you've experienced.



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