Re: [PROPOSAL] Default to TRUE

Alexander Patrikalakis <amcpatr...@...>

I'm in support of this. I did not see a convincing need for defaulting to false in Titan, and has potential to double the latency of traversals due to lazy loading.

On Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 1:42:39 AM UTC+9, Ted Wilmes wrote:
Currently, is defaulted to false which means that vertex property retrievals require repeated trips to the storage backend.  Issue 104 proposes that this be changed and defaulted back to true.  This would mean that the first retrieval of a vertex property would also retrieve all of the vertex's other properties.  This may be prohibitively expensive in cases where there are a large number of properties on vertices but I believe that in the majority of cases, the reduction in storage back-and-forth will outweigh the extra property payload size.

Having said that, we'd like further feedback if anyone thinks that changing this default is not a good idea.

I'll leave this proposal open for 72 hours and assume lazy consensus and move forward if no objections are lodged.


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