Re: [DISCUSS] Release planning v0.3.0

Florian Hockmann <f...@...>

Would it be possible (without requiring too much effort) to publish a release candidate of 0.3.0? Then we could deploy that in our staging environment and give feedback, especially for the new strict schema support.

Am Montag, 2. April 2018 18:48:47 UTC+2 schrieb Jason Plurad:

Let's start a discussion on releases. This thread is for the master branch (0.3.0 release).

The master branch has fixes and new features. The master branch is currently based on Apache TinkerPop 3.3.1 which uses Spark 2.2.0 and Scala 2.11.

Apache TinkerPop 3.3.2 is in [code freeze](, so it will be out very soon. We'd want to align JanusGraph 0.3.0 with that latest version. We're waiting on TinkerPop 3.3.2 to resolve [#859](

I've tagged all the pull requests that are slated for 0.3.0 with milestone "Release v0.3.0"
- [Pull requests]( 5 open, 69 closed
- [Closed issues]( 33 closed (plus the 28 issues closed against v0.2.1)

A few significant changes for v0.3.0:
- TinkerPop 3.3.z, Spark 2.2.0, Scala 2.11 [#705](
- Elasticsearch authentication/SSL support [#612](
- JanusGraph Authentication for Gremlin Server [#623](
- JanusGraph OLAP with HBase TableSnapshotInputFormat [#656](
- Custom analyzer for Lucene [#672](
- Many documentation fixes

I think we can make a concerted effort this week to close out the remaining [open pull requests]( targeted for master. Once the merges are complete, we can start release preparation for 0.3.0. Any open issues that don't have a pull request merged before the cut off will be moved along to the next release.

I volunteer to be the release manager.

Is anybody working on fixes for 0.3 that you're planning to submit a PR this week?

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