Re: [DISCUSS] Elasticsearch Http using Jest

sjudeng <sju...@...>

I think you said the Jest 2.x jars should work with ES 2.x and 5.x, right? Then I'm back to my suggestion to drop formal support for ES 1.x but documentation could be updated to provide workaround steps (e.g. manually delete jest-2.x.jar and download/add jest-1.x.jar to classpath) to allow (untested) support for legacy ES 1.x deployments. It's great Jest gives us this option for basically free because I really don't think JanusGraph should introduce build/release complexity just to accommodate it. In my opinion if users have really stable Titan deployments and they're not able to update relevant cluster components (storage, indexing, compute), then I'd think they should stay on that baseline until the new capabilities being offered by JanusGraph are compelling enough to warrant the upgrade investment. Otherwise you're just upgrading to change names from Titan to JanusGraph. If this is a step some users want then I'd recommend JanusGraph create an initial release based on an earlier commit after name changes but before the potentially breaking updates to hbase, tinkerpop and elasticsearch.

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