Re: [PROPOSAL] new repository for a JanusGraph plugin for Apache Ambari

Jason Plurad <plu...@...>

+1 for janusgraph-ambari

On Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 6:31:34 PM UTC-4, Chris Hupman wrote:
Awhile back I wrote a plugin for Ambari to install JanusGraph. Right now it just installs and runs, but doesn't have any support for authentication or monitoring. So I wouldn't currently recommend it for production. 

Since JanusGraph isn't an Apache project I don't think it would work to add it directly to Ambari.  At least few people have found it and used it for PoCs and I'm wondering if it would make sense to house it under the JanusGraph umbrella. 

I was waiting for JanusGraph 0.3.0 to come out before I continued development and plan to start working on it again in the near future. 

My thought is an official docker container with some examples for Kubernetes Pods would give us a good deployment story for JanusGraph + Cassandra + es  and Ambari would give us a good deployment story for JanusGraph + HBase + Solr.


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