[DISCUSS] Adding static code analysis into our review process

Florian Hockmann <f...@...>

JanusGraph currently uses Coverity as a static code analysis tool. While this already led to some findings, it can unfortunately not be used to analyse code changes from pull requests. I wondered whether we could improve our review process with a service that analyses changes in pull requests and directly comments on the PRs to report its findings. This hopefully makes reviews more efficient as reviewers don't have to comment on obvious style issues for example and it could find problems before they are added to production branches.

I already searched for a service that we could use. In my opinion, it should fulfil these requirements:
  1. Support for the languages we currently use / might add in the near future: Java, C#, Python, JavaScript / TypeScript.
  2. Integration into code reviews in GitHub.
  3. Free for open source projects with enough scans per day (some services limit these to 5 per day which could be not enough).
GitHub already lists services that can be used for code reviews here. Codacy seems to be the only service of those listed there that fulfils all three requirements. I wanted to try out Codacy and therefore already let it analyse forks of JanusGraph and the version of JanusGraph.Net that is currently in review:
So, what do others think about the idea to integrate a code analysis service into our review process in general? And are there any other suggestions for such a service besides Codacy?

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