Improve JanusGraph main page

Alexandr Porunov <alexand...@...>

As for me the main page of any product is important to make a good first impression. When I open the main page of JanusGraph it looks like the site was constructed in the 90s (sorry for criticism). I understand that the style was taken from TitanDB ( but I think it should be changed.

Another concern is that the main page uses http protocol still. I do understand that there is nothing to secure on the main page but I believe that https protocol will make a better impression. Notice that is using https protocol (Letsencrypt certificate). I believe it isn't hard to add an additional SSL certificate for the main page. Also, Letsencrypt supports wildcard certificates, it is possible to make a certificate for the entire * domain to cover all subdomains and use the same certificate on the main page and in the docs.

Best regards,
Alexandr Porunov

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