Re: Ambari integration and Mpacks

Chris Hupman <chris...@...>

To debasish I'll try to block out time to do a review tomorrow on janusgraph-python.

To Simon,

For the mpack. I'm on board with making mpack the only supported way to install the plugin and merging your changes into the janusgraph-ambari repository once the initial PR goes in. We can setup a releases page on the github repo with prebuilt versions of the mpack for each of the JanusGraph releases.

I agree with adding in graphexp as a gap fill. It wouldn't be too difficult to switch to something else down the line. 


Chris Hupman

On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 10:42 AM Debasish Kanhar <d.k...@...> wrote:
Thanks Chris for considering janusgraph=python client for creating something like phpmyadmin. It will be a great addition to JanusGraph and will make like of new time users a lot easier.

My current PR for python clients are still pending. Can you do final review of the same to make sure everything is working on your end since you are only user using it on Mac. Once we merge that, I can spawn off another PR which incorporates features related to Schema Management which will be a very important feature needed to create a phpmyadmin type page for JanusGraph.


On Thursday, 22 November 2018 00:14:24 UTC+5:30, Chris Hupman wrote:
Hi Simon,

Thanks for wrapping it up into an mpack. I've been dragging my feet, but we're already in process to move the ambari plugin under the JanusGraph umbrella, I think it would be great if people could just download an mpack from a releases page rather than having to ssh into the ambari server and git clone the repo or build the mpack themselves. 

I had plans to work on adding gremlin clients to the plugin after I finished the initial release and I definitely want some kind of visualization and management interface. I was thinking if the janusgraph-python repo adds enough functionality it could be used to make something like a php-myadmin equivalent for janusgraph.

While it's fully dependent on me finishing up the janusgraph-ambari PR I would  like to +1 to having an janusgraph-mpack repo that would be used to create releases so people could consume it easier.

On Wednesday, November 21, 2018 at 9:00:36 AM UTC-8, s...@... wrote:

I'm coming back to looking at a lot more at JanusGraph. I did contribute a tiny script typo fix under the Hortonworks banner ages ago, but am now offering a more sizeable contribution, and hopefully and ongoing one. 

The first thing is some additions to the excellent Ambari Service from chupman, which I have wrapped up and slightly tweaked into an Ambari Mpack at which makes it a little easier to deploy onto a blueprint, or cloudbreak Ambari cluster. 

Would there be any interest in taking the mpack work into the Janus project as an extension of the current Ambari service? 

Would anyone be interested in collaborating on this, and maybe adding some client and visualisation capabilities?

Hope there are things I can help with,

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