Re: VOTE: Issues clean-up

Jason Plurad <plu...@...>

+1 thanks for taking the initiative on this, Chris.

FWIW, I don't think this would require a vote at all. I think the project would encourage anybody, committer or otherwise, to help triage the queue.

On Thursday, February 7, 2019 at 1:43:16 PM UTC-5, Chris Hupman wrote:
Clean-up complete. We're down to 290 open issues for now.

On Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 11:26:18 AM UTC-8, Oleksandr Porunov wrote:
Chris, thanks a lot for this report! Awesome work. I like the blurb for issues closing.

On Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 3:24:35 AM UTC+2, Chris Hupman wrote:
There were 366 issues initially, 3 of which I already closed. I'm proposing that we can we close out an additional 88 issues shown below. I'll do the actual cleanup early next week.

Here's the blurb I'm planning to use to close out the user questions
To prevent confusion we have recently added a default template for new issues containing the guidelines as to what belongs in issues. Usage, configuration, and general questions should be asked in [gitter](, [stackoverflow](, or the [janusgraph-users google group](!forum/janusgraph-users). Github issues are for reporting bugs, requesting new features, and tracking the development of JanusGraph. If your issue is still outstanding please consult one of the communities mentioned. If you still feel like your issue belongs here and was closed in error please feel free to repoen it. 

Issues already completed (16):
  1. #231 Fix errors in docbook to html conversion cleanup docs, 0.2.0 doc generation issue, no longer applicable
  2. #226 Update release process docs with lessons learned from 0.1.0 release,  no longer applicable
  3. #149 Deferred docs cleanup 
  4. #111 Reduce amount of time to run tinkerpop tests from 40 hours to 2.5 hours 
  5. #385 Improve CQL backend documentation 
  6. #535 Mitigate recent Coverity findings
  7. #543 Roadmap/timeline to support Spark 2.x
  8. #557 Fix NPE when using Scylla instead of Cassandra when processing vertexID results, just need to validate correct scyllaDB versions are documented
  9. #704 Update Guava to 20.0+ and Cassandra Driver to 3.2.0 please
  10. #790 Fix or document resource leaks reported by coverity
  11. #846 Update to Spatial4J 0.7 / JTS 1.15
  12. #859 Support standalone HTTP HMAC authentication
  13. #962 Unable to create csv file in CSV File Reporter while configuring Janusgaph Metrics, already closed
  14. #1036 Mistake in section 9.2 of the documentation, already closed
  15. #1056 Add support for Solr authentication
  16. #1248 Key must have an order-preserving data type to be used as sort key -- UUID as key
Issues to close as will not implement (2):
  1. #117 Add Tupl support, it changed to AGPL license
  2. #126 Fix Tupl GraphTest/testConsistencyEnforcement
close and move discussion in janusgraph-dev (4):
  1. #161 [Feature Request] Support openCypher language
  2. #1340 Do you have plans to support MySQL?
  3. #1370 Can janusgraph support the ClickHouse?
  4. #1375 Couchbase Storage Backend

User questions to be closed out (69):
  1. #158 GremlinServer returns HTTP 200 on commit failure
  2. #176 Using Gremlin Driver connect to Gremlin Server
  3. #358 In memory Index Backends support 
  4. #361 Issues about reindexing on MapReduce
  5. #394 MaprDB Storage Backend 
  6. #426 hello i cant understand why the index status is always install 
  7. #440 No way to import csv dataset
  8. #441 SparkGraphCompute
  9. #553 FilterBuilder class not found exception
  10. #593 Creating edges without loading vertices
  11. #616 JanusGraph with Solr Authentication.
  12. #620 Janusgraph intermittently fails to create schema in Cassandra 
  13. #642 Error on Enroll Custom AttributeSerializer 
  14. #657 running janusgraph on java9
  15. #659 hbase install error could not be instantiated
  16. #728 About partition question
  17. #736 Getting Started example: 'Could not execute operation due to backend exception' 
  18. #865 janusgraph cannot reindex
  19. #905 PartitionIDRange warning
  20. #910 getEdgeLabels does not exist on, mention printSchema has been added for future versions
  21. #911 issue in Reindexing with MapReduceIndexManagement in janusgraph 0.2.0
  22. #914 about error with hbase 
  23. #922 Issues in query with Text.textContains
  24. #940 Search Predicates: match keywords with multiple properties using Or-step
  25. #945 Some Question About withComputer(SparkGraphComputer)
  26. #949 BulkLoading with Hadoop ScripInputFormat
  27. #954 JanusGraph v0.2.0 not working on MacOS Sierra
  28. #966 SASL authentication failed. The most likely cause is missing or invalid credentials. 
  29. #996 No /conf file?
  30. #1022 JanusGraph Consuming too much memory
  31. #1051 Use gremlinpython with multiple jg graphs
  32. #1064 Storing a Map in Janusgraph
  33. #1071 Why the first gremlin request excution consume long time
  34. #1088 [Question] Backend operation thread pool - what is the impact on the performance
  35. #1112 Gremlin filtering by edge label
  36. #1133 can not initialize ConfigurationManagementGraph
  37. #1145 Individual key range is too small for partition block 
  38. #1173 Janusgraph query for remote connection with solr andcassandra backend not giving empty results
  39. #1183 Janusgraph Direct Index Query gives unwanted message
  40. #1184 Query Optimizer - reduce properties loaded during traversal
  41. #1216 JanusGraph and Kerberos Authentication Problem
  42. #1244 What is the usage of KCVSCache?
  43. #1245 How to import large data to JanusGraph 
  44. #1250 customize request Config for client of elasticSearch
  45. #1263 Setting storage.cql.keyspace seems to break ConfiguredGraphFactory.createTemplateConfiguration
  46. #1264 buildMixedIndex Unknown external index backend: search
  47. #1270 how to resolve elasticsearch property value version conflict?
  48. #1274 Vertex does not support user supplied identifiers 
  49. #1283 Questions about Vertex-centric Indexes
  50. #1292 Last hbase region range wrong
  51. #1299 Create and Access Traversal from client (other than gremlin console)
  52. #1308 Receiving errors while starting janusgraph server(0.3.1)
  53. #1311 drop cause OperationTimedOutException
  54. #1312 HOW TO: how to setup JanusGraph 0.3.1 for ConfigurationManagementGraph
  55. #1318 quits with no message.
  56. #1322 add a key named "ConfigurationManagementGraph" to the "graphs" property
  57. #1325 Use Client to run gremlin ->Note: To register this class use: kryo.register(org.janusgraph.graphdb.database.StandardJanusGraph.class); 
  58. #1326 an error when using janusgraph-0.3.0 + cdh5.14.2( hadoop2.6.0, hbase1.2.0) + spark2.2.0 for olap query
  59. #1328 When creating a graph, report the following error :java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Must provide vertex id.The janusgraph version is 0.3.0, already closed
  60. #1329 Setting two or more properties on existing edge 
  61. #1337 Not able to start JanusGraph after changing the Elastic Search host name in conf file.
  62. #1338 Does janusgraph support mathematical operation sucha as addition, multiplication, division? 
  63. #1339 Groovy initialisation script fails after migration from 0.2.1 to 0.3.1 
  64. #1355 Is there any limitations to load graphml data into janusGraph? 
  65. #1356 is there any more detailed instructions about how to add another user credential when using JanusGraphSimpleAuthenticator?
  66. #1358 how to remotely connect gremlin-server and open specific graph which configured through ConfiguredGraphFactory though Java?
  67. #1381 python client.submit
  68. #1382 Please add a key named "ConfigurationManagementGraph" to the "graphs" property in your YAML file and restart the server to be able to use the functionality of the ConfigurationManagementGraph class.
  69. #1399 Intermittent empty query results for recursive query

On Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 12:32:07 AM UTC-8, Florian Hockmann wrote:
+1 Good idea!

I sometimes close old issues if I come by them for some reason and notice that they aren't really issues (anymore), but going through all issues systematically would be great.

Am Dienstag, 22. Januar 2019 19:38:38 UTC+1 schrieb Chris Hupman:

The new template for issues got me thinking about going through all of the issues and closing out the ones that belong as user group messages, duplicates, or issues that may have already been addressed. Since it's something that affects community interaction I wanted to make sure everyone was on board before I started any spring cleaning. I would be willing to classify as I clean so we can have a categorized final report of what was cleaned up. 

Please respond with your vote on whether or not I should go through and clean up the github issues.



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