Requirements gathering and roadmap development

Haikal Pribadi <hai...@...>

Hi everyone,

Last week was very exciting with the launch of our beloved JanusGraph project. I believe some of you are working hard to get the first build out for JanusGraph. Please shout out if you need any help. I may be a little out of touch on that topic but our team is more than happy to help out.

Now that we've launched, I would like to kickstart the process of us gathering all the requirements (features, bugs) to be developed in JanusGraph. Let's gather all the problems we've known from Titan that we want to fix in Janus, as well as the features we wish existed.

And to get the ball rolling, here's how I propose we should start.

1) Since we alreayd have Github, let's start by listing the features/bug on our GitHub repository as issues. 
2) We should be descriptive in describing the issue. Examples are good, use cases are good. Use labels, e.g. Cassandra, HBase, Graph Computer, ElasticSearch.
3) We should all start reviewing and discussing them through the comments. 
4) We should make an effort to merge requirements to make sure the list is clean and efficient. 
5) We should refrain from make a decision on whether an issue get accepted or rejected on the discussion thread, unless it was  a natural consensus.
6) Once we have a decent list of requirements, we then start scheduling TSC meetings to review them and decide yes/no.

I believe these steps would be a good start for us to start our work on JanusGraph. We can distribute and manage the work properly. We can also include whatever work that is required to release the first build.

TIP: I'm using to visualise the issues on github as a kanban board, if anyones fancies a board. :)

Let's get this started!

Jerry He <jerr...@...>

This is a great suggestion, well said.
There is already some requirements/requests from the user list :-)

Haikal Pribadi <hai...@...>

Let's migrate them to the GitHub issue list on the repository, so we can keep them organised and execute on them!

Let me know of any suggestions to the initiative!


On Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 5:57:55 AM UTC, Jerry He wrote:
This is a great suggestion, well said.
There is already some requirements/requests from the user list :-)