Development process - testing

sjudeng <sju...@...>

Hello JanusGraph developers,

I'd like to request that the PR evaluation/approval process be updated to require successful local testing (mvn clean install) of all relevant test suites before merging into master. Currently Travis CI can only reliably test one or two modules and it's unlikely to ever be able to handle larger modules or the TinkerPop test suite (mvn clean install

I think there should be a test sign off as part of the review process of any non-trivial PR. You can see this done in TinkerPop PR comments. The scope of the PR can determine what modules need tests run and whether for example the TinkerPop suite needs to be run. If running tests is too much of a burden on reviewers an option would be to require submitters to indicate which test suites were run and provide the "Build Successful" snippet showing the time.

Currently all tests with the exception of the janusgraph-solr module should pass and there's an open PR (#76) to resolve this. The TinkerPop test suite should be passing as well but otherwise it's passing in the branch in open PR #78.

Jerry He <jerr...@...>

+1, given the current limitation with Travis CI.